Frequently Asked Questions

What subscription level should I choose when signing up?

How is Elevatus better than a traditional recruiter?

Elevatus utilizes the power of artificial intelligence to optimize each step of the hiring process. Eva is the digital recruiting expert behind Elevatus. She uses the latest facial and voice recognition software and robust sorting algorithms to give you detailed reports on candidates and provide recommendations tailored specifically to your position. Traditional recruiters only look at a candidate CV for 6 seconds. Eva analyzes candidates video CVs and video chat interviews to create detailed Impression Reports on each candidate.

Is Elevatus just another job board?

Not at all. Elevatus is a digital hiring platform that allows you to perform every step of the hiring process, all on one simple to use interface. You can post jobs, sort through existing candidates using our filter algorithm, receive personalized recommendations based on analysis of candidate video CVS, request references, set up interviews, perform video chat interviews, and receive detailed analysis of your interviews based on candidate voice tone and micro expressions.

Why does my profile still shows up in search results even after I deleted it?

Please note that when you create a Public Profile, the profile becomes visible on Google search results. 
It will take time for the Google indexer to remove the Public Profile from its cache. This means that the Profile won't be removed immediately after the deactivation.
You can visit the following link and file a report with Google: 
Please email us on info@elevatus.jobs if you need more guidance.

I signed up but haven't received a confirmation email, what should I do?

Sometimes the email sent from Elevatus.jobs may be filtered mistakenly as spam e-mail and may be found in the Spam/Junk/Bulk mail folder. 
If you’re still facing any problems, please feel free to email us here. 

I need help with my written & video CV

Elevatus.jobs professional Career consultants have inside knowledge of what hiring managers look for when evaluating CVs. Our consultants help you with specific wording, positioning, and organization of your CV, so you can market your skills and experience to potential employers more effectively!

I am looking for a job

1. Log onto www.elevatus.jobs using your username & password.
2. If you haven’t done so already, create a profile using the Elevatus.jobs profile Builder and record/upload your video CV.
3. Go to "Search Jobs" at the top of the page or through the dashboard option.
4. Using our advanced filter options, you can search for a job vacancy that is relevant to your experience and that you would like to pursue by specifying your requirements in the “Keywords” box. After you press the “Search” button, a list of relevant results will appear with a percentage matching that allows you to quickly assess if you are a fit for the job or not.
5. After you find a job vacancy that matches your qualifications, click on the job title to visit the job vacancy’s page to learn more about it.
6. At the top of the job vacancy’s page, you will see an ‘Apply Now’ box. Apply using your profile or upload/record a special video CV for the job listed, and click the ‘Apply Now’ button.

What is the status of my application?

We have built an application tracking system that allows the job seeker to keep track of their applciation and stay updated on the next steps. To check on the status of your job application, please read the following steps:

1. Visit Elevatus.jobs and login into your account.
2. Go to “Dashboard” and click on "Applied jobs", the application status of each job applied for will be listed. 

For further information, you can contact the employer directly by visiting the company profile and send an "Inmail".