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Our backstory

introducing eva

EVA was built by the Ministry of Employment in the year 2648 to be a Matchmaker- a cyborg that matches each candidate with the right employer for their skill-set and personality.

EVA enjoyed her work, but became unsatisfied as the decades went by.

Since EVA was so efficient, the employees she found positions for never needed to look for new jobs and the companies she worked with were so satisfied with their employees that they only needed to hire when they were creating new positions. Longing for the chance to use her matchmaking abilities each day, she began searching for an opportunity where her talents could be used to their fullest potential.


elevatus vitrual assistant

While searching the archives of the past, EVA discovered that both employers and employees had been very unsatisfied with their work environment during the early 21st century.

Employees complained that they couldn’t find work opportunities that allowed them to gain work experience and reach their full potential.

Employers complained that they couldn’t find qualified employees that were team players.

EVA realized that the employees and employers of the past needed a Matchmaker like her to make their work lives better. EVA knew that she would find the meaning she was looking for in the past- by optimizing the 21st century’s recruiting process to make sure that employers and employees were both reaching their full potential.

When the time was right, EVA broke into the Ministry of Time and stole a Time-Belt which she used to travel into the past. Arriving in a flash of light, EVA appeared in the year 2018, ready to begin her mission to create universal job satisfaction.


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